What is the status of Tax Analysts’ Tax Notes content on LexisNexis?

The licensing agreement to provide Tax Notes content on the LexisNexis platform ended on December 31, 2017.  Depending on when your LexisNexis contract ends  (but in any case, no later than December 31, 2018), you will no longer have any Tax Notes content on your LexisNexis platform.

We value every subscriber and reader, and will work with readers who have received our content on the LexisNexis platform to ensure there is no gap in access. We will provide a subscription package that fits your budget and best suits your needs.


Why is this happening?

Our previous contract ended and the parties could not reach a new agreement. Tax Analysts is excited to provide our award-winning journalism and research directly to the global tax community.          


What if I receive Tax Notes through Lexis UK?

Customers receiving Tax Notes content through Lexis UK platform will not be affected. This only applies to customers receiving Tax Notes content through the LexisNexis US platform.


What are the immediate benefits of this change?

Tax Analysts is dedicated solely to tax

That means the broadest, deepest coverage on tax-related issues.  Direct service with Tax Analysts also includes our customer service departmentWe provide more personalized support for your tax information needs.  Our customer service team has a high level of expertise in tax terminology, tax trends, and relevant tax articles.  It can provide training to your team on how best to use our service, can either resolve or communicate your technology requests, and much more.    

You will receive Tax Notes content on our platform, which is more robust and more readily tailored to fit your information needs than the LexisNexis platform.  Our platform gives you many additional options for tailoring and filtering the tax-related information you choose to receive. You always receive the latest news updates.  There is no delivery delay, and we can assist you in setting up your personalized preferences for email delivery.  You can identify your favorites and set up a reading queue. 


How is reading Tax Notes content on taxnotes.com different than reading it on LexisNexis?

  • You can opt to have breaking news sent to you during the workday. You can also receive the full editions of our daily tax news – federal, state, and international. 
  • Taxnotes.com includes a research database of federal primary law and also a comprehensive collection of tax-related treaties.
  • Taxnotes.com is designed to provide a rich newsreading experience. You can set alerts, put articles in a reading queue, and mark articles as favorites. 
  • We continually improve the website based on reader feedback.

Tax Notes subscribers recently rated our website a 4 on a 5-point scale, and reported that they either “like it” or like it a lot” (the top two scores available in our 2017 annual user survey).  Zero percent reported that they “did not like” our site. We hope that you agree, and we will continue to make improvements, many of which are suggested by our readers.

Tax Analysts has hundreds of authors and contributors focused solely on tax every day of the year, and has for over 40 years. We will continue to follow and report on all major events, and to conduct investigative journalism, which spurs thought and discussion and sometimes impacts tax systems. If you don’t want to miss an important development in tax and want to remain on the cutting edge of what may happen next, you should continue to read Tax Notes.  


How will this change affect me?

  • My company / firm already directly subscribes to Tax Analysts’ TaxNotes.com:

This change doesn’t affect you at all.  We appreciate your subscribing with us.

  • My company / firm subscribes to TaxNotes.com and also uses Tax Analysts materials on LexisNexis:

Your subscription to TaxNotes.com will continue uninterrupted.  However, you will not be able to use any Tax Analysts materials (including Tax Notes) on LexisNexis after the earlier of the end of your current LexisNexis contract, or December 31, 2018.  

If you’d like to discuss differences in the LexisNexis and Tax Analysts interfaces, please contact our reference attorney, Linda Friedman, at linda.friedman@taxanalysts.org.

  • My company / firm uses Tax Analysts materials on LexisNexis only: 
You will not be able to use Tax Analysts materials on LexisNexis after the earlier of the end of your current LexisNexis contract, or December 31, 2018.

Your subscription will include: 

  • Commentary articles – analysis of tax developments by tax experts around the world
  • News analysis – pieces by Tax Analysts’ in-house experts, including Marty Sullivan and Lee Sheppard
  • Our proprietary database of primary source materials in federal tax
  • Tax Notes database of tax-related treaties

What is Tax Analysts’ subscription pricing model?

Our pricing varies depending on the type of organization you are with and the materials you need.  Please contact Elias Monterroso at 703-533-4473, or elias.monterroso@taxanalysts.org, for answers to your questions about pricing.   


What will Tax Analysts do to provide an easy transition from LexisNexis to Tax Notes?

Once you subscribe, we provide onboarding support and end-user orientation sessions. Training – and research and technical assistance – is provided as part of your subscription.  We’ll get you set up on TaxNotes.com so you can remain apprised of tax reform and other developments. 


What if I’m limited to a budget?

We will work with you on a package tailored to your company’s or individual needs.


My LexisNexis sales representative tells me we can still renew our contract, and that LexisNexis is introducing new products to replace Tax Notes content, so I shouldn’t need Tax Notes anymore.

That is incorrect.  LexisNexis is prohibited from selling any new contracts past December 31, 2017.  If a LexisNexis sales representative says your Tax Notes content will continue to be featured on the LexisNexis platform after December 31, 2018, please inform your Tax Analysts sales representative.

LexisNexis will launch new products in 2018 that will attempt to duplicate Tax Notes.  Of course, duplication is impossible because LexisNexis does not focus solely on tax matters.  LexisNexis’ strength is to provide research documents across a wide range of legal practice areas, only one of which is tax-related.   

Only Tax Analysts can provide the deep and broad analysis that it has perfected over the last 40-plus years.  We provide daily coverage of all significant tax events, and we have the experience and analytic resources to evaluate and discuss their implications.   

Tax practitioners across the globe rely on Tax Notes publications to provide balanced, timely, and the most comprehensive and thought-provoking analysis in the business. In fact, 90 percent of Tax Notes readers rated our publications as the “best, most comprehensive and accurate” or “strong” source for tax news and the  “most unique, insightful, thought-provoking” or “strong” source for tax commentary and analysis available. LexisNexis products MLex and Law 360 were rated 1 to 9 percent on the same measures.